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Hey, Ioana here!

I am a London based, independent writer and photographer who loves telling stories.

On this website you’ll find all kinds of stories from peculiar and magical ones to real life experiences. Sometimes I like grouping these stories into projects like the Lifelong learners interview series, which I definitely recommend you to read. These are conversations I have with people working in different fields, where we talk about what keeps them motivated, how they deal with failure or self doubt and the things they’ve learned and continue to learn along the way.

Another thing I’m working on is Connections, a project whose purpose is to show the experiences that form us are also the ones that connect us. Leave me a message if you’re interested and want to find out more or email me your answers.

I also love photographing people. I love personal, story-like photographs. I like to capture emotions and candid experiences and reactions rather than asking people to pose. So you’ll find some photography related articles and stories as well.

From my past project I want to mention People and Books – a series of portraits with people and their most loved books. Working on this project was so much fun and it allowed me to connect with lots of people of all ages. It also landed me a cover story for the Photoworld magazine in China. 

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If you’d like to create awesome stories together, ask me a question or show me that cool thing you found in a secret old bookshop email me.