Please, stop doing this on Instagram

© Patrick Tomasso

Instagram is my favorite social media network and I use it quite often. And I couldn’t help noticing certain things people do just to get more followers. I call them bad manners. This is me ranting on them.

Stop posting random comments on pictures.

If you drop me a random emoji or a comment saying things like “so sweet”, “wonderful”, “so inspiring” etc. without even bothering to look at the image I will know.

It also happens that I run an account for a documentary photography platform. The photographs usually depict terrible situations, poverty stories and other social problems and when you say “sweet” it just makes me want to punch you in the face.

What you can do instead

If you are willing to spend your time commenting on someone’s photo look at the image first.

Say something that actually relates to the photo, be nice. If you find a person whose work you like write about that, tell them what you like about it, ask a question and develop a conversation from there.

Don’t follow me just because you want me to follow you back.

This usually happens like this: someone follows me and the next day, if they see I didn’t follow them back they hit unfollow. Or they combine it with a cheesy comment from above and add an “I followed you now you follow me” message.

No dude / dudette things don’t work like that.

What you can do instead

For starters post good content. I usually look on the profile of every person that follows me and if I like what I see, I will follow you without you saying so. 

Don’t write on your bio that you are an entrepreneur or a life coach when you’re 20 year old. 

Now don’t get me wrong, I believe we can all learn from everyone, no matter the age and that there are young people who do good in business, but I won’t need more than 10 seconds to look on your profile and see you are just full of poop.

What you can do instead

Write honestly about yourself or say what you want to achieve. Then post content that connects to that (what you do, where you are in your journey, what problems you’re facing or what are you learning) instead of a million selfies.

Stop posting photos of food.

Oh man, I am sooo tired of photos with food. No one cares what you eat.

Except the case you are someone who’s passionate about food and cooking or have a food business, posting the things you eat will just make me want not to look there, like ever.

What you can do instead.

Just stop it, okay? Stop it.