Ioana Birdu
Self portrait in the vintage market, Greenwich.

Hello! Thanks for stopping by.

I am Ioana (read it like Yoanna) a portrait and lifestyle photographer based in London.

My work revolves around stories and people and  comes in various formats.

My photographic approach often has a mix of creativity, observation and genuine interest for the subject. I’m always looking for the candid in every person and situation and I focus on capturing emotions to convey a story or plant the seed of a story in the mind of the viewer.

I also enjoy having conversations with people from which I learn a great deal of things. These conversations usually shape up as personal projects, interviews and narratives which you can find in the writing section on my website.

In addition to my own projects I’m currently working with the V&A, where I photograph various family workshops and activities. My portfolio also includes collaborations with ENRU London, LifeStart, Behance Reviews and Documentaria and artists like Yve Blake and Jacqueline Crooks .
I’m always interested in new projects and collaborations. If you want to work together please contact me at