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Out of focus images

Back when I started photographing one of the main rules or critiques I kept hearing and seeing on the photography forums or the places where people would give feedback to your work was for the images to be sharp and clear. 


But as it happens with any advice, it's very much contextual and dependent on the photograph (and here you can replace it with painting, drawing, writing etc.). Sometimes what you need or want to express follows no rules or needs new ones. That is why you might hear you need to learn the rules so you can break them. But successfully breaking the rules usually comes with intention and with the knowledge of why you're doing it. 


When it comes to out of focus images, I enjoy them quite a lot. They can convey certain moods and feelings that are far more expressive than a clear image. They tell more by hiding things. And sometimes I feel a bit out of focus too, so I put it in my photographs. 


out of focus ioana birdu
candid portrait
ioana birdu portraits

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Notes on a walk

It's been bank holiday here, which meant a three day weekend.
On Saturday we took advantage of the windy weather and the lukewarm sun and went for a walk. 
Some things I noticed:
  • for almost every beautiful thing on the way there was an equality ugly one. Lots of trash in green areas, beautiful graffiti art covered in tags, or a dad playing with his kid and kicking a ball to the walls of an ancient ruin.
  • Dave seems to be a popular name for dogs.
  • some dog owners like to talk a lot about their companions. 
  • we don't need to go too far from the house to see beautiful places.
  • a new selling tactic discovered - this woman who was selling clothes at the bottom of the woods brought a small tent with her for people to try them on. 

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Sunday video 3

"Glenda fell for Lauree at a time when both women felt societal pressure to pursue traditional paths. Though fate interfered with their plans to enjoy a late-in-life reunion, Glenda never forgot what it felt like to be loved by Lauree."