trees, nature, surreal

The hidden stories of trees

The fantastic breaks the crust of appearance … something grabs us by the shoulders to throw us outside ourselves. I have always known that the big surprises await us where we have learned to be surprised by nothing, that is, where we are not shocked by ruptures in the order. – Julio Cortazar  

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The fairy

 Fairies are enchanted creatures or spirits known to possess magical powers. Fairies always fascinated human kind yet, as history had proven, the interferences between the two realms often caused problems and misgivings.  And so a truce was made, that no soul or creature was to trespass the other world without suffering horrible consequences. For centuries…

Behind the click, episode 2: Mannequins

A series of recollections about the Why behind the photo. The fragments and questions that come with it. All at once or one after the other. The story seeds that follow before and after the photograph is made. There is a certain mystery surrounding mannequins. It’s there every time I’m near them, a secret life they…