Behind the click, episode 2: Mannequins

A series of recollections about the Why behind the photo. The fragments and questions that come with it. All at once or one after the other. The story seeds that follow before and after the photograph is made. There is a certain mystery surrounding mannequins. It’s there every time I’m near them, a secret life they…

Chupa photos II

Did I tell you how much I love this camera? Which camera you say? Why, this little baby of course: I must admit, I find it hard to use the big, heavy Nikon when photographing on the street after this little fella. Here are some selections from the last two films I shot.

Ioana Birdu

Chupachups photos

I know it doesn’t look like it, but this is a real camera. I began using the Chupa to reduce my anxiety of going out by myself on the street to photograph and it’s absolutely fantastic. As you can see, it’s cute, small and non intrusive at all. More so, it pops free lollies.   I’ve…