Sometimes we go through experiences that overwhelm us. We feel alone and helpless, or need someone to share the little things that bring us joy. Other times we rush into judging others without knowing them or having any idea about the things they’ve been through.

I started Connections in a time when my life didn’t look very colorful or happy and it served as a self therapeutic exercise. Then more people got hooked into it and I decided to take it further.

This project is an exercise of introspection and sincerity, a way of traveling back in time to reflect on some of the moments and relationships that put a mark on our lives. Connections talks about all of us – the experiences that bring us joy or sadness, the little things we might take for granted, the people we meet.

It’s a project that continues to do me good and I hope you’ll get something good out of it as well.


Did you use to invent stories when you were a little boy? What were they about?

Not that my old brain will remember.

What’s the most beautiful memory from your childhood?

My best memories date back to 9 months living on my grandfather’s farm when my Dad was away. I was young but everything is vivid – if I had to pick one, sitting on my Grandpa’s lap while he drove the tractor; he let me steer and I thought I was driving!

Tell me about a person who changed/influenced your life

I had a senior military boss who gave me an opportunity to flourish and the belief that I could do well. The best mentor I ever had.

What did you learn from your past relationships?

Life is too short to be unhappy – sometimes you need to be brave and set off on your own to find the freedom to be happy. Sometimes, that is a selfish – but necessary – thing to do.

Did a stranger do something nice for you?

Not yet – how cool would that be?

Did you do something nice for a stranger?

I always try to buy a coffee for people I see on the street and offer a few coins and some words of encouragement/a listening ear.

When in your life did you feel most alone?

When I separated from the mother of my children … it was the right thing to do for the adults – but I ache still at the lost time with my children.

 Barrie, 50 years (32 in my heart)

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