Sometimes we go through experiences that overwhelm us. We feel alone and helpless, or need someone to share the little things that bring us joy. Other times we rush into judging others without knowing them or having any idea about the things they’ve been through.

I started Connections in a time when my life didn’t look to colorful or happy and it served as a self therapeutic exercise. Then more people got hooked into it and I decided to take it further.

This project is an exercise of introspection and sincerity, a way of traveling back in time to reflect on some of the moments and relationships that put a mark on our lives. Connections talks about all of us – the experiences that bring us joy or sadness, the little things we might take for granted, the people we meet.

It’s a project that continues to do me good and I hope you’ll get something good out of it as well.


Did you use to invent stories when you were a little girl? What were they about?

Oh my, i invented entire universes. I daydreamed a lot and still do. I used every detail or experience: if i raced the kids near my home, i saw myself on a running track. If we were stealing cherries, there I was with my gang and Steven Segal. In Vietnam. In the puddles. Nothing was too small, nothing was unimportant.

What’s the most beautiful memory from your childhood?

I don’t know if this is the most beautiful but i always laugh out loud when i remember it. I can’t remember how old i was, but i know my mom had sent me to a summer camp. It was the first time i saw the sea and out of too much enthusiasm i went to the shore and hugged the first wave. It put me to the ground, i got a little dizzy but i was feeling fine.

Tell me about a person who changed or influenced your life.

The people you chose to listen to shape you. The people you chose to see show you who you want to become or the person you don’t want to be. I can’t just pick one. It’s all of them. The ones who knew to say the right thing at the right time, with honesty and great care, even though they knew that sometimes I wouldn’t like what i was hearing. I appreciate them greatly.

What did you learn from your past relationships?

To trust myself more, to be more selective. I’ve also learnt not to judge people based on the first impression, and to have the courage to be myself. To love full heartedly.

Did a stranger do something nice for you?

Yes, absolutely. They’ve offered me trust when i needed it and i hope i can do the same for someone else.

Did you do something nice for a stranger?

Some stories are meant to be kept not told. 🙂

When in your life did you feel most alone?

Hm. Loneliness is a temporary thing (sometimes, never a bad thing, it teaches you). If you look around you you’re never completely alone. You just have to let time to pass for a while and to want to see. But what do I know? There’s a long way till far away.

Silviana, 27 years old

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