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A day at Kew with Adam the Blue

One warm October afternoon I met with Adam at Kew Gardens to experiment with some portraits. Having nothing specific planned we just improvised on the spot, so most of the images are not much connected to each other, rather seem to be bits and pieces of different storylines. It was a fun way to shoot and as it often happens, other ideas sparked from this first meeting.

male portrait ioana birdu

male portrait ioana birdu

male portrait ioana birdu


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Light bursts

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Out of focus images

Back when I started photographing one of the main rules or critiques I kept hearing and seeing on the photography forums or the places where people would give feedback to your work was for the images to be sharp and clear. 


But as it happens with any advice, it's very much contextual and dependent on the photograph (and here you can replace it with painting, drawing, writing etc.). Sometimes what you need or want to express follows no rules or needs new ones. That is why you might hear you need to learn the rules so you can break them. But successfully breaking the rules usually comes with intention and with the knowledge of why you're doing it. 


When it comes to out of focus images, I enjoy them quite a lot. They can convey certain moods and feelings that are far more expressive than a clear image. They tell more by hiding things. And sometimes I feel a bit out of focus too, so I put it in my photographs. 


out of focus ioana birdu
candid portrait
ioana birdu portraits

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